Friends With…Benefits?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Lol, Apologies for the delay in writing new posts. Truthfully I had been in a sexual funk for a little bit…BUT A HOE IS BACK. In all seriousness, I think I was burnt out of all the exciting and new experiences I’d had earlier in the year. It was important for me to rest my mind as well as my pelvis.

Anyway…I have this friend. An actual platonic friend friend. Prior to the story I’m sharing today, there had been no funny business whatsoever. I meannnnn I might have thought ‘he would get it’ once or twice but we all think that about our mates now and again…or maybe that’s just me lol. For the sake of the story, I’ll refer to him as ’Friend’.

One particular afternoon, I was horny as fuck. Pussy leaking and creaming type horny. I contemplated messaging one of my regulars but I was in the mood for something different…someone new. It just so happened that I was talking to my friend at the same time. He was telling me about his own hoe story as he usually does. We’ve had this type of relationship for as long as I’ve known him. We exchange our sordid stories and give each other advice. It might have been my horniness but for the first time, I was intrigued by what he was telling me. I don’t know what came over me. 

Me: I’ve been thinking about hollering at this guy you and I both know….but I’m shyyyy

Friend: I know him? Now you really have to tell me who it is


Friend: Huh? LOL where did this come from and how long have you been thinking about it? …..FYI, I’ve thought about it too….

Me: I mean I’ve thought about it now and then but I’ve really been thinking about it today…

Friend: So when were you thinking?

Me: Today…?

Fast forward to later that evening (oh we work fast lol), he blindfolded me and told me to lay on my front. I did as I was told as he began making his way up my body…kissing up my legs, my thighs and stopping to kiss my ass. I anticipated his next move as I laid there not being able to see a thing. He rested his body on top of mine so I could feel the weight of him overpowering me.

After spreading my legs apart, he began to slide his erect dick back and forth over my clit…running it up and down as my pussy leaked out. I had tried my best to keep composed and not give too much away but when he started doing that, I wanted to explode. I was already on the brink of an orgasm. You know that feeling you get when you suddenly drop on a rollercoaster? Where the sudden plummet causes butterflies to fill your gut? Imagine that over and over again while someone is talking the nastiest wreck in your ear.

Flash forward…

Friend told me to put my Lush 2 (vibrating toy) inside my pussy and get on all fours. For a second I assumed he was going to try and fuck my asshole but no. To my surprise, he stuffed it with a plug instead. He then started brushing his dick around my clit so I assumed he wanted me to take out the Lush 2 so he could slide in. As I reached to pull it out he stopped me.

Friend: No, leave it in

Me: Huh?

Friend: Just leave it

He slowly pushed his dick inside my (Lush 2 occupied) drenched pussy. I now had a thick dick hard stroking in and out of me as my toy vibrated on maximum speed. My jaw dropped and juices started to trickle down my thigh. 

Friend: Whose pussy is this?

Me: Ahh shit it’s yours

Him: That’s right…This is my pussy now

We continued in that position for a little longer until…

Friend: Get up and go to the window…Let the people walking past see how much of your slut you’re being for your friend

Let’s just say I got my vagina pounded whilst being pressed against the full-length window. The once clear window was now fogged up and condensed with my sweat. If anyone did see us, they definitely got a show. Fuck, I wouldn’t have noticed or cared.

We carried on like this throughout the night. At one point he even filmed me slurping and choking on his rock hard dick……what are friends for aye?

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