My First Big O…

My First Big O… Oooo where do I start….lol

Now I’m in my late 20s so the fact I had not experienced a life changing orgasm was a travesty to be quite honest….such a travesty that I couldn’t even blame the men I had slept with. I was never really proactive with getting my ‘nut’.

I’ve orgasmed before… you know, those ‘that will do’ orgasms that could keep you satisfied for about 45 mins…but never anything to write a blog post about (HA!). So this year I decided to take my self pleasure routine to a new level and buy a luxury body massaging wand. (I’ve added the link at the bottom of this post xx)

You might be reading this thinking, “A wand? Babe, That’s not even that big of a deal”. Honestly, I never really liked using toys in the past but I thought I’d try again and listen to some of the recommendations the ladies from burner Twitter had given me.

The first time I used said wand, it felt so good I almost screamed out. If I was home alone I probably would lol. Since I had such a great time with it by myself, surely it could only feel better with a man assisting me…right? Time for an experiment!

So there’s this guy in my life…I call him ‘my fave’ (for now anyway). He became my favourite quickly since foreplay and sex is always so much fun with him. Plus he’s got a hurricane tongue so that helps his ranking too. Anyway back to the story.

One night, I went to see my fave (wand in tow) and we ended up chilling in his car. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so I was extra excited to see him…got myself an emergency wax and everything! As I explained before, he got his title in part for how well he eats my pussy and it didn’t take long for him be in between my thighs. I taste great by the way so he was down there a while. In between moans and grabbing on the back of his head/hair, I couldn’t help but think, “What if I took my wand out right now?”. Hmmm…

He comes up for air and with a smirk I exclaimed like a little school girl “ooo I brought my wand with me!”. I can’t even remember what he said after that, I just grabbed my wand and turned it on to the 1st setting…constant vibration. Within the first 5 seconds of my placing it on my already wet clit, I was in a trance. Mr fave was already on job. Baby boy was sucking and biting on my nipples just like I liked it. I have a thing about feeling slight pain on them for me to get aroused but that’s another story for another day. Oh and his wreck talk! He does this thing where he calls me his ‘good girl’ and his ‘princess’ any time I moan out. Don’t know what it is but it drives me crazy. I guess that’s another reason why he’s my favourite too.

Some time had past and I started getting closer…to what, I wasn’t quite sure yet. I remember feeling a bolt of what felt like electricity work up to my chest and down to my toes….FAM. I started feeling something different…. it’s like I wanted to pee myself but at the same time I didn’t. Before I could even process what was going on with my body….SPLASHHHHH!’ I started leaking out like a bucket bath. I couldn’t even moan or anything. I was speechless. I’ve had orgasms before, even had a little splatter at times but this particular time I didn’t know what to do with myself. For a few seconds I even forgot Mr fave was next to me.

When I did manage to get my words out, the only thing I could say was, “omg I’m so sorry!”. I don’t know why but I was so embarrassed. As if I did something bad when I only squirted (a lot). He’s a sweetheart so of course it didn’t bother him. Thank God for his leather seats.

We didn’t, even end up having sex after that but ask me if I gave a shit lool. My vagina walls were too sensitive for me to care about finishing the session.

To cut the long story short, I made my way home….with a massive wet patch on the back of my skirt….

Oh fun times…

Full body massage wand:

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