The Challenge

I’m a very competitive woman by nature so challenging me sexually, unlocks something else in my mind.

You guys remember Specs right? Mr ‘best head ever’ (well at the time anyway)? I hadn’t seen him in a while but we kept in touch regularly. Unsurprisingly, our conversation went from banter to discussing the sex we’d previously had.

Specs: Well last time we played you lost

We had played my game, ‘Draw And Go Lick’ some months back.

Me: I didn’t lose, you didn’t stop sucking so neither did I

We’d picked up the ‘please each other in the 69 position for 1 minute’ card… you know the rest.

Specs: Well you never got off me so what was I supposed to do? 

Me: Okay next time we’ll settle this once and for all. Hmm how about we only have sex for a minute, then go back to teasing each other…no sex allowed for 30 mins…whoever fumbles first, loses. You can’t cum before the time is up either

Specs: Hmmm wow, this could be fun to be honest 

Me: What’s your favourite position with me?

Specs: Either doggy or your legs on my shoulders

Me: Legs on your shoulders it is, that’s the position we’ll do 

Specs: Now we’ll see who has the most self control

Me: I’m going to make sure my pussy is extra wet…grip onto your dick so it’s extra tight and warm

Specs: And I’m going to make sure my dick is rock hard. I’ll even make you spit on it before I put it in. You’re going to lose.

Me: lol okay 

The day of our wager came later that evening. Both of us were excited to see each other and this bet made it all the more interesting. I decided to put on my wine babydoll top to tease him right from the door. It hardly covered my full breasts but that’s what I wanted. I couldn’t find the matching bottoms but hoped it would work in my favour. I needed to make it as difficult as possible for Specs…there was no way I was losing this.

He arrived and as I predicted, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. As I sashayed up the stairs, his hand reached up to rub my clit and smack my ass. I playfully hit his hand away and hurried up the stairs. My plan was working well but I had to stay focused.

After 5 mins or so of general chit chat, I mounted myself on top of him and began teasing. While slowly grinding and sliding my body against him, he took the opportunity to grab my booty cheeks which forced me to grind harder. I noticed his breathing had gotten significantly quicker…I was already winning. He turned me over onto my back and began finger fucking me. I was already wet so you could hear my pussy squelch as he rammed his two fingers inside me. He simultaneously started to rub his thumb against my pierced clit. Sensing this was going to be my downfall (the no orgasm rule), I rolled over onto my knees and pushed his hand away. 

Specs: Where are you going? Get back here

Specs pulled me back into my previous position and forced my legs apart. He spat on my clit and began eating my pussy. I arched my back in pleasure as he began to suck and lick what he’d been missing. With each moan that escaped my mouth, Specs pushed my legs further apart to intensify what he was doing. I was in trouble. My legs began to shake and he reached up to cup my breasts…squeeze and pinching at my nipples. With the little force I had left, I pushed Specs off me. The smirk on his face irritated the hell out of me because he knew he almost had me. 

Now to make matters worse, he overpowered me again. He took his clothes off as I tried to gain back some composure…that lasted all of 10 seconds. Specs grabbed both my legs and put them on his shoulders. This muthafucker then took the opportunity to rub his dick against my middle. Now and again he would rub the head against my dripping hole, then use the juices to lubricate my clit. Shocks of pleasure attacked my body, making me cream against his rock hard piece. I grabbed my phone and managed to set the timer to one minute. 

Specs wasted no time and slid his dick into me. His shallow and slow strokes morphed to deep and fast within 30 seconds.

Me: Oh My God! Shit this feels so good 

Specs: Yh you take this dick. You’re a big girl, you can take it

Ring! Ring! Ring! The minute was up so I forcefully pushed him off me. After setting the timer to 30 mins, I put my plan into action. I needed to be in control again.

I got back on top of him and lightly grabbed his neck with one hand. I used my other hand to grab his dick and began rubbing his tip against my pussy. Two can play that game! I moved back into a straddle position and slid against his shaft. Unlike earlier, Spec’s dick was now bare. I made sure he could feel my juices leaking out. As it was so slippery down there, occasionally the tip of his dick popped into my drenched hole. Specs pulled me down towards him to talk his shit.

Specs: Ah it’s so wet and slippery down there…so wet and slippery for me. I know you want it inside you 

Me: Ahhh fuck 

This man grabbed my hips and bobbed the tip of his dick slowly inside me. I could tell he was on the brink of caving in…shit, so was I. A few more seconds of that and there would have been an explosion. I jumped up off of him but the next thing I knew, I was bent over my bed frame. Specs chose to use my tactics against me and rubbed his dick’s head up and down my pussy.

Specs: Are you sure you don’t want to give up 

I remained silent as his continued shit talking stimulated me even more. This translated to me getting even wetter for him. He bobbed his tip inside me a few more times before I ultimately felt his whole dick stroke in and out of me.

Me: I hope you know this means you’ve lost 

In his frustration, Specs started pounding me doggy style.

Specs: Yh I’m going to stretch and pound this pussy out today 

Even though he’d lost, he wanted me to know who was in charge of the situation. However, I still had a little more to do.

Me: come with me

I led him to the corridor where I’d set up door restraints. Pushing his back to the door, I raised his arms and strapped him in. Kissing him passionately from his mouth all the way down to his dick…he was losing it. I took him in my mouth, deeply stroking and sucking until he was rock hard again. I slowly got up and turned around to push my ass onto him for a little bit. Once my teasing stopped, I returned his dick back inside me. 

Me: How good does my pussy feel?

Specs: Ahh shit this feels amazing…you’re gonna make me finish inside you 

His words made me squeeze my walls around him even tighter. I bent over further and held onto the bannister for support as I pushed back onto him harder. A few minutes later I felt his warm hands on my hips, guiding me as I rocked back and forth. This sly fox had broken free and was back in control of the situation. 


I let out my biggest scream yet. I just know my neighbours are sick of my shit.

….Oh Yh…..I WON!

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