The Dutch

2022 is here but wasn’t 2021 something else! We made it. I shared some of my most memorable stories with you guys, most of them were life changing. The pandemic might have persisted but so did my orgasms. 

However, it wasn’t all roses and chocolates. I thought it was only right that I shared one of my cringe moments as there have been some. I usually give the men in my stories pet names but this guy doesn’t even deserve one!

Me: Fuck, come inside me baby 

Him: Ahh shit! I can’t…

Me:  I said (I pull him closer to my face and whisper in his ear) come inside me

As if by clockwork, his warm cum filled me up, accompanied by a full body jerk. I don’t necessarily have a breeding kink but I love cream pies. The men who have had the pleasure of finishing inside my sugar walls, only have great things to say. Seeing him lose control as I tightened my warm walls around his rock hard dick…ugh my drug. Something about a man succumbing to my pussy has always made me feel sexy and powerful.

I’d met this guy on hinge a few weeks before and so far so good. I have to admit, dating apps in the past had been successful for the most part. It’s usually much easier to point out weirdos on these apps than the traditional way. Or so I thought. 

We’d met up to go to dinner earlier that day and he invited me back to his home for some more drinks. As you can imagine… dim lighting, slow jams playing in the background and flowing white wine…of course something was going to go down. I would have declined but the date had gone pretty well. He was tall, handsome and we shared a similar sense of humour. The build up of our sexual tension during dinner led to us making out in the back of his car. His fingers occasionally travelled down my perked chest and reached between my inner thighs. He lightly brushed against my clit and hole as his tongue massaged mine. I didn’t want the night to end just yet. I was curious and wet. It was only polite to honour his invitation.

We were on his sofa for all of 10 mins before it kicked off again. He left soft kisses on my neck as I tried to remain composed. It became increasingly hard for me to hold back as my juices leaked onto his furniture. His kisses rose up from my neck to my ear…

Him: Do you know *kiss* how bad *kiss* I want to be inside you right now?

He grabbed my chin and looked directly into my eyes. Call me easy but If I’m already aroused and I hear wreck talk? Oh, I turn into a real whore. Voice kink activated.

The overall session was decent. Although it wasn’t life changing sex, it was fun and satisfactory. He had managed to raise my temperature to the point of an ‘almost orgasm’. What’s an almost orgasm you ask? When his strokes or mouth feel great but it doesn’t quite get you there for whatever reason. As big and strong as he appeared to be, he didn’t even pick me up or anything. However, there was potential for improvement.

At the end of it all, I was out of breath and laid out half asleep on his bed. I was ready to fall asleep for a quick nap, hoping for an improved round 2. He moved closer behind me and wrapped his arm around my chest, cupping both my breasts with his big palm. Everything on this guy’s body was big *smirk*. I was in such a relaxed (and semi intoxicated) mood until it all went left…

Him: Are you hungry? I’m starving 

I guess I had helped him build up an appetite.

Me: Hmm I’m not that hungry but I could eat

Him: There’s a local Chinese restaurant we can order from

Me: Yh that’s cool, I wouldn’t say no to a small portion of fried rice and ribs

Him: Cool, I’ll call them now and we’ll go dutch 

Me: …Excuse me? 



Did I hear the man correctly?! Dutch?!

Him: I’ll order in a sec. I’ll let you know how much your order is

At this point, I wanted to throw up. Was a grown man asking me to pay for my own Chinese order? I had to ask again because what I wanted was all of £5. Maybe £6 if I added a drink.

Me: Wait? Are you being serious right now?

Him: Yh I already paid for your dinner so…

Me: …

Him: Yh… so what else do you want to order love?

Me: (I stared at him blankly) I think it’s time for me to go 

I snatched his arm off my naked body and angrily tossed the covers off me. As tired and tipsy as I was, the scrub in him sobered me up quickly to get dressed. This man was over the age of 30. A father in fact. Did I just give my pussy to the stinginess guy south of the river?! I’ve messed with some yucky men in my time but the sheer embarrassment of what he just asked me replayed in my mind.

Him: Wait, why are you getting dressed?

He didn’t even understand why I was irritated! Or maybe he did but thought I was being unreasonable. Whatever it was, he gathered I was being serious about leaving. He got off the bed and tried to get me to stay. 

Him: At least let’s have some more fun before you go 

He smirked in my direction and the disgust rose in my body. My head tilted back as I rolled my eyes. ‘I KNOW YOU’RE FUCKING LYING!’, is what came to mind as I put my trainers back on. 

I drove home annoyed as fuck. Now let me be clear. I have no issue paying for my own food. I’m not the type of woman who expects a man to pay for everything…BUT HE OFFERED THE FOOD! It just rubbed me the wrong way as that’s not how I roll. If someone is a guest in your home, you don’t ask them to pay for their own meal. Especially not on a date/nightcap.

It’s safe to say I never saw that motherfucker again despite his several attempts for us to ‘try again’. My pussy must have left an impression but his stinginess left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. 

It also taught me two important lessons; Delete Hinge. Oh and go home after the first date! 

Happy New Year!! Thank you all for reading my stories. Here’s to more eventful write ups in 2022!

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