Tie Him Up

Recently I’ve been in my ‘tying men up’ bag. Prior to last month, I don’t think I had ever tied anyone up or used any form of restraint. Again, this is 2020 so I decided to do something new.

Now lets get down to the story. This particular session was the second time I tied a guy up. My first experience is another story for another blog post lol.

So there’s another guy in my life…lets call him dark chocolate. I had been checking him out for a few months after meeting him at a party. I told him I would let him know when I was ready for him. The time came after I saw a picture of his penis and that was all the confirmation I needed to know he could get this work. Now Mr dark chocolate has a very nice, thick dick….just how I like it.

To my surprise, he said he had never been tied up before. I don’t know why but I always assume guys have explored their sexuality by their late 20s. Obviously I was mistaken, we are all learning at the end of the day. To be honest, the fact he hadn’t experienced it before was a turn on. For the rest of his life he would remember me…I had to make sure I put on a great performance.

My restraint of choice were handcuffs. He’s a big guy so I had to make sure they were on tight. No escaping. I started off taking his thick ole thang in my mouth slowly until I worked up a nice rhythm. When I do that, the excess spit and sloppiness forms naturally…I add my hand to the equation and boom! We have the foundation for great head.

I didn’t want to get too carried away so I stopped and decided to please myself with my wand. I laid down and gave him full view of my pussy. He asked to spit on my wand which I found sexy as fuck. I used the spit soaked wand to rub on my clit slowly to tease myself as well as him. Yh that didn’t last long…I needed his penis inside me ASAP.

As I took off the cuffs, he grabbed me and said ‘I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you’… ooo I had been waiting too. I keep telling you guys my vagina is powerful so when his thick dick finally entered my walls, Mr dark chocolate was edging. I know this because he told me lol. That shit felt too good, which made me super wet, which in turn made my pussy harder for him to compose himself in. Do you see the cycle of pleasure we had going here?

Part 1 of our session ended with him bussing a big fat load all over my face….another first for him.

So…who’s next? 😉

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